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Moldovanovic is a brand committed to providing capital battery-solutions, renowned for their professionalism, performance and quality. To our customers, we provide stored energy-solutions for various purposes.

For transportation we offer battery applications suitable for automotive, marine, heavy duty, powersport, lawn and golf cart. When it comes to material handling, mining and locomotive, we offer premium battery and charging solutions, as well as stored energy solutions for telecom, utility, renewable, UPS and other systems.

Our values

Our goal is to deliver impeccable solutions to our customers, with the emphasis on quality and outstanding performance of our products.


Dedication to professionalism is not something we take lightly. We strive to maintain professionalism in every segment of our business, staying true to our integrity and work ethics.

Commitment to quality  

Quality of our products holds is the main building block for ensuring trust and loyalty of our customers. We strive to provide high-quality products by brands you already know and trust. We know exactly what you expect and what is ours to deliver.

Environmental responsibility

We deem environmental responsibility very highly, which is why the large portion of the products we offer is eco friendly. Most of our products leave minimal CO2 footprint and are fully recyclable.

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