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GNB Industrial Power

GNB boasts with years of experience in the industry, finding optimal energy solutions for their customers for 130 years. They strive for innovative and safe products, trust-based collaborations, as well as the best work conditions for all employees.

In addition to being fully functional and safe to use, GNB products, are also environmentally friendly, which is not surprising since environmental conservation is another major task of this company. For example, if you are interested in an GNB traction battery pack and its’ “green” features you can always check out GNB traction battery catalogue.

Product design is based on quality materials and the usage of modern technology, making them your best allies. Satisfied customers and their successful ventures are their biggest reference.

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AIB Kunstmann

AIB Kunstmann is part of the powerful KUNSTMANN GROUP, under the umbrella of three independent companies. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of their professional staff, this company guarantees the highest possible quality of their products.

AIB Kunstmann jis a company with decades of experience in manufacturing of the highest quality accessories for different types of batteries. Their products represent the unity of modern technology, quality materials and efficient solutions.

The goal of AIB Kunstmann is to provide premium quality equipment to its customers, but also to build long-term collaborations and maintain the reputation of a trusted brand. With the attention to detail regarding each product, this company offers solutions that must be flawless at all times.

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Alpha Passoni

Passoni company products, which dates back to 1909, first gained popularity in Germany and the rest of Europe, after which Alpha Passoni became one of the world leaders in terms of battery accessories.

A close relationship with customers, the presence on the global market and commitment to every single product have made this company synonymous with reliable and quality accessories.

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BFS is a fine example of a family company that has been successfully operating in the market for 30 years, developing, producing and distributing battery watering systems for lead-acid batteries.

Their headquarters are located in Germany and Malta, while their professional staff is responsible for the production of more than 11 million battery caps each year – sold and used worldwide.

From the moment they developed their first battery cap in 1982. to the present day, BFS has become the world leader in the battery charging system.

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