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Crystalline Technology Hits the Roads All Around the World

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Crystalline Technology Hits the Roads All Around the World

The completion of extensive road construction projects around northern Europe in January 2020 has been implemented with some changes to enhance road durability in challenging climates.

A global overview shows how road construction has evolved to implement a unique crystalline technology.

How does it work?

Crystalline Technology enhances the durability, strength, overall performance and lifespan of the concrete. Cementitious capillary waterproofing products combine high-quality cement, quartz, sand and proprietary active ingredients for the most effective system that permanently reduces the permeability of the concrete.

The chemicals of the crystals penetrate into the cracks, micro-cracks and capillary tracts of the concrete through osmosis, Brownian movement and dry particle reactions and fill up the crack, which waterproofs the concrete and lowers permeability.

Starting from Europe’s second-longest transit corridor

The large-scale road construction projects recently completed on the western Caspian Sea coast in Russia underlines the effectiveness of this crystalline technology. Farther west, a number of construction projects included the E-60 European transit road, four-lane highways and the Kavkaz Highway.

Although the crystalline technology is now being implemented in the environment of harsh and cold climate such as in Russia, Canada, Scandinavia etc. it has been noted that this unique technique shall live long enough to see it’s the expansion in other parts of the world.

Increasingly, innovative technologies are being used in road construction and repair to ensure the new and repaired roads are more durable and will need less maintenance later on.

Experienced road construction crews around the world now routinely apply crystalline technology to enhance the durability of bridges, highways and tunnels.

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