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Industrial power reinforcement – The new company site of Moldovanović

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Industrial power reinforcement – The new company site of Moldovanović

The Moldovanovic company is proud to present the latest technology for batterie making and multi-purposes batteries available on their new modern and user-friendly site.

In cooperation with leading companies with decades of experience in producing high-quality accessories for different types of batteries – Moldovanović site procures to its clients only premium-quality equipment and high durability for an affordable price.

Years of experience and premium cooperations

Extensive experience, reliable and functional batteries present you with a long-term solution for different power requirements, becoming a sort of synonym for quality that Moldovanovic offers to its customers.

Send us an inquiry or make a direct call to our specialist in order to achieve an adequate agreement and cooperation based on trust, using the best products proven to be safe for humans and suitable for the environment.

Different purposes batteries offered in catalogues

All sorts of batteries, starter, appliance and kind are offered in an excellent visibility content that our catalogues are offering to interested customers.

Thanks to the excellent price that follows the features, Moldovanović batteries are the ideal choice for vehicles, appliances, mechanical and energy plants and sources, such as: 

  • Guided Vehicle (sweepers, mining machines, agriculture and construction equipment, boats …) 
  • Data Centers and Telecommunication Services 
  • Health and medical supplies 

Moldovanović batteries are responsible for power plants equipment, telecommunications systems, (electric) vehicles and other equipment and facilities with different energy requirements.

Satisfied customers and certified quality

An absolutely vital role to play in the making of the Mldovanović brand has had all the satisfied customers, whom you can get to know more closely on our newly-forged site.

The company Moldovanović offers its clients batteries and power accessories of premium brands, whose main characteristics are quality, functionality and longevity.

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