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2100 EasyPick – Intelligent battery proritization system

GNB‘s 2100 EasyPick is an intelligent battery prioritization system that allows to easily identify the right battery – one that is fully charged and was already the longest time in the cooling phase.


2100 EasyPick system features

How does it work?

The innovative and highly efficient battery rotation system 2100 EasyPick preserves the battery fleet and sustainably increases the service life and availability of the batteries.
Up to 30 chargers can be connected via the 2100 EasyPick system by a simple “Plug & Play“- concept. The chargers are configuring themselves and start automatically to exchange charging data.

Easy to handle

2100 EasyPick system is user friendly battery prioritization system, with no additional accessories.Accordingly, a strong visual signal clearly shows the operator which battery has to be taken.
In order to indicate this, the charge status LEDs show a widely visible GREEN and, in addition, the display illumination fl ashes to highlight the battery to pick.

Preserves battery life cycle

2100 EasyPick system possesses a highly effective technique to preserve battery lifespan and extend its’ service time.

Reduced TCO

The 2100.NET system optimizes the operation of battery charging rooms – reducing the total cost of ownership.

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