Our 2100 Li is a high-frequency traction battery charger range that makes use of CAN communication – providing optimal charging with reduced power consumption. Significant savings can be made on energy and operating costs and in CO2 output. A LCD display guides you through the charging process, and high-visibility LEDs show charge status at a glance.


2100 Li High Output charger – product features

Fast charging time

The 2100 Li High Output has the fastest charging time in GNB’s portfolio due to highly sophisticated CAN bus communication, based on the well known 2100 HP range.

Environmentally friendly

2100 Li High Output charger possesses HF technology, which means very high energy efficiency and a small CO2 footprint, making it very energy efficient

Compact design

The volume and weight of the 2100 HP charger are considerably less than conventional ones – thanks to this, the handling and installation costs are significantly reduced.

Optimized and efficient charging

In 2100 Li High Output charger – communication via CAN bus allows the highest charging efficiency for the battery, combined with optimum charging time, making it a very cost-effective piece of equipment.

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