The High Output traction battery charger extends the power of the LP charger range so that even the largest battery capacities over 2,000Ah are covered.


2100 LP High Output charger – product features

Optimized charger usage and lifespan

2100 LP High Output charger has a unique charger profile and dv/dt charging time termination. This is to avoid any risk of over – or undercharging.

Charging constistency

The 2100 LP High Output charger ensures that the charging current and voltage remain constant during any fluctuations, guaranteeing an optimized charging time at all times.

Compact design

The volume and weight of the 2100 LP High Output charger are considerably less than conventional ones – thanks to this, the handling and installation costs are significantly reduced.

Clear charge status

On 2100 LP High Output charger errors are indicated by the 6 high visibility LEDs, while faults are described clearly on the LCD display.

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