2100 SP is a high-frequency traction battery charger – an ideal choice to recharge batteries on small electric vehicles, cleaning machines and pallet trucks. They are suitable for flooded or valve-regulated blocs and batteries. The design ensures reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging. Incorporating the latest technology, these highly efficient chargers are smaller and lighter, making them easy to handle and install.


2100 SP charger – product features

Optimized charger usage and lifespan

2100 SP charger has a unique charger profile and dv/dt charging time termination. This is to avoid any risk of over – or undercharging.

Charging constistency

The 2100 SP charger ensures that the charging current and voltage remain constant during any fluctuations, guaranteeing an optimized charging time at all times.

Environmentally friendly

2100 SP charger possesses HF technology, which means very high energy efficiency and a small CO2 footprint, making it very energy efficient.

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