The Classic Energy Bloc battery series powered by Flooded technology,  are low maintenance, long-life lead batteries with a liquid electrolyte, available in a variety of models. Their enhanced energy density makes them ideal for high-current applications with short discharge times. They provide a universal and reliable energy storage solution for UPS systems, telecom, power and railway systems and emergency lighting and all other power supplies for safety systems.


Classic Energy Bloc – product features

Low maintenance

Classic Energy Bloc batteries are low maintenance due to a high-performance, optimized alloy.

Long lifespan battery

Classic Energy Bloc batteries possess a long lifespan in float application, making them highly reliable and robust.

Fully recyclable

Classic Energy Bloc batteries are environmentally friendly and therefore, fully recyclable. They are resource-saving and have a low CO2 footprint.

Compact design

Thanks to optimal energy density, Classic Energy Bloc batteries save floor space.

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