The Classic OCSM battery series powered by Flooded technology, is an enhancement of the OPzS series which uses the CSM (Copper Stretched Metal) patent developed in 1978. It was adapted for stationary applications that need remarkable energy transformations or short-term discharges. OCSM’s unique features include positive tubular plates that provide great stability and copper stretch mesh as negative-electrode core. The conductivity of copper reduces internal resistance and improves performance during (dis)charging. OCSM’s main applications are power plants (approved for nuclear) and load leveling.


Classic OCSM – product features

High quality materials

Classic OCSM batteries possess a positive tubular plate and negative CSM (copper) plate technology. The container is made from high-quality tempered transparent plastics.

TCO reduced

Classic OCSM batteries are low maintenance, so they can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Fully recyclable

Classic OCSM batteries are environmentally friendly and therefore, fully recyclable. They are resource-saving and have a low CO2 footprint.

Built to endure

Classic OCSM batteries have a very long float life, high power and excellent cycling endurance, all packed in a unique design.

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