The Classic Solar is a Flooded battery range that has proven its worth for decades in medium and large power applications. The robustness, long design life and high operational safety of this stationary battery make it ideal for solar and wind power stations, telecommunications, power distribution and more. With a wide range of available capacities and sizes, there is a solution for every power need.


Classic Solar battery – product features

Adapted design for enhanced service life

Classic Solar battery possesses the adapted and optimized design for renewable energy applications, providing impressive cycling ability and longer service life.

Reduced TCO

Thanks to low maintenance needs, the Classic Solar battery has a lower total cost of ownership.

Able to handle the most demanding applications

Classic Solar battery has a very thick tubular positive plates that enable it to handle the most demanding applications.

Classic Solar is “green”

By being fully recyclable, Classic Solar battery is a resource-saving product with a low CO2 footprint.

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