The drysafe AF traction battery range is suitable for all light traction applications, and is powered by AGM battery technology. It offers excellent total cost of ownership by combining favorable investment costs with no maintenance over the entire service life.


drysafe AF-X battery – product features

Operated through AGM Technology

Drysafe AF- X battery is valve regulated lead acid battery in which the electrolyte is fixed in an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM).

No watering required

Drysafe AF-X battery is maintenance-free for the entire service life.

300 cycles

Drysafe AF-X battery provides good cycle life of 300 cycles in accordance with IEC 60254-1.

Drysafe AF- X is “green”

By being fully recyclable, drysafe AF-X is a resource-saving product with a low CO2 footprint.

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