The drysafe RECUP (AS) traction battery range is suitable for all applications with high power demands (discharge currents and charge acceptance), like hybrid drive and automatic guided vehicle systems. AS batteries also offer excellent micro-cycle durability for applications like cleaning machines with high opportunity charge rates.


drysafe RECUP battery – product features

Operated through AGM Technology

Drysafe RECUP battery is a valve regulated lead battery with electrolyte fixed in an absorbent glass mat (AGM) with a spiral wound plate design that provides extra high surface area.

No watering required

Drysafe RECUP battery is maintenance-free for the entire service life.

Unequalled power

Drysafe RECUP battery has exceptional discharge and recharge properties due to its’ innovative plate design.

Outstanding durability

Drysafe RECUP battery possesses an outstanding durability feature, especially at partial state of charge.

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