The high availability of traction batteries is one of the key elements for an efficient intralogistics flow. With the battery monitoring unit GNB PRO, the utilization and workload of traction battery and truck fleets can be analyzed and optimized.


GNB PRO Battery Protection features

GNB PRO Battery Protection top traits

Current measurment (A)
Voltage measurment (V)
Electrolyte level-sensor
Real-time clock
Wireless data read-out
Temperature probe
The GNB PRO main unit is mounted on top of the battery. By using the receiver module connected to a computer the data is transferred wirelessly. The data package is uploaded to an online portal which sends the created report automatically to the registered email address.

Continuous efficiency

GNB PRO battery protection enables continuous battery monitoring, which creates an extensive database to optimize intralogistics processes. All of this is achieved by increasing the uptime of batteries and subsequently industrial truck fleets.

Clear and simple report

Evaluated data packages downloaded from the GNB PRO device are automatically converted to a simple report which is sent to the registered email address, allowing you to obtain a clear report on the collected data.

Reduced costs

The device such as GNB PRO is essential in order to protect batteries from negative factors like deep discharge, high temperature and low electrolyte level. Thanks to a device like this, subsequent costs can be significantly reduced.

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