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Powerfit S100

Our Powerfit S100 batteries are general-purpose stationary batteries designed to deliver high performance in case of power interruptions, created using VRLA technology. They are ideal for security and alarm systems, emergency lighting, signaling and any other UPS application where compact and reliable back-up power is key.


Powerfit S100 battery – product features

Operated through AGM Technology

Powerfit S100 is a valve regulated lead battery with electrolyte fixed in an absorbent glass mat (AGM).

Energy storage performance

Powerfit S100 battery has an excellent energy storage performance, which makes it highly reliable.

No watering required

Powerfit S100 battery is maintenance-free for the entire service life.

Lowe self-discharge rate

Powerfit S100 battery self-discharge rate is 3% per month at 20 °C approximately.

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