The Sonnenschein A400 FT is a premium battery range, powered by GEL technology. It delivers exceptional cycling performance and reliability due to industry-leading dryfit® technology. Location of terminals on the front of the battery greatly simplifies installation and maintenance when placed in a cabinet enclosure or on a standard relay rack tray.


Sonnenschein A400 FT battery – product features

Simple installation and maintenance

Sonnenschein A400 FT battery has a front terminal design with handles, enabling easy installation and maintenance.

Powered by exceptional dryfit technology

Sonnenschein A400 FT batteries are valve regulated lead batteries with electrolyte fixed in a Gel technology.

Fully recyclable

Sonnenschein A400 FT batteries are environmentally friendly and therefore, fully recyclable. They are resource-saving and have a low CO2 footprint.

Resilient design

Sonnenschein A400 FT battery has a robust design that makes it resilient in harsh conditions.

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