The Sonnenschein A400 range, powered by GEL technology has been specially designed for long life stationary energy storage, with proven reliability in a multitude of installations worldwide. This specific range of batteries possesses superior dryfit®technology and are available in a wide range of models, providing a solution for every power need.


Sonnenschein A400 battery – product features

Long-term energy delivery

Sonnenschein A400 battery is proof against deep discharge, which enables it to have have a greater long-term energy delivery. 

Powered by exceptional dryfit technology

Sonnenschein A400 batteries are valve regulated lead batteries with electrolyte fixed in a Gel technology.

Fully recyclable

Sonnenschein A400 batteries are environmentally friendly and therefore, fully recyclable. They are resource-saving and have a low CO2 footprint.

Superb design

Sonnenschein A400 battery design varies by model type: G-M5, G-M6, A-Terminal, F-M10, SR-6.3. It possesses stable design for up to 15 years design life.

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