The Sonnenschein dryfit® EPzV series powered by VRLA technology, is suitable for all warehousing applications. It can be used in forklift trucks, cleaning machines and electric road vehicles. Due to its high operational safety, this model is particularly suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


Sonnenschein EPzV (-BS) battery – product features

Latest VRLA technology

Sonnenschein EPzV (-BS) battery possesses valve-regulated battery technology, where electrolyte is fixed in a gel.

No maintenance required

Sonnenschein EPzV (-BS) battery is completely maintenance-free (no topping up necessary) during the whole service life due to thanks to the Sonnenschein dryfit® technology.

“Green” battery

Sonnenschein EPzV (-BS) battery is completely recyclable, which allows a low CO2 footprint.

Low self-discharge ability

Sonnenschein EPzV (-BS) battery has no contamination or corrosion due to liquid electrolyte and very low self-discharge.

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