The Sonnenschein GF-V bloc traction battery range is designed for hard industrial use and does not require water refilling during the whole service life. GF-V batteries are powered by GEL technology and therefore ideal for cleaning machines, automatic guided vehicles, hand pallet trucks and numerous other industrial applications.


Sonnenschein GF-V battery – product features

Operated through GEL technology

Sonnenschein GF – V battery is valve regulated lead battery with electrolyte fixed in a Gel technology.

No watering required

Sonnenschein GF – V battery is maintenance-free for the entire service life.

Reliable above all else

Sonnenschein GF – V battery has a strong industrial design that enables its’ long service life, as well as leak-proof and low self-discharge performance.

700 cycles

Sonnenschein GF – V battery provides excellent cycle life of 700 cycles in accordance with IEC 60254-1.

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