The new Sonnenschein Lithium Traction Block Battery (LTB) is a lithium ion battery perfectly suited for light traction applications such as hand pallet trucks, cleaning machines and personal mobility. Full flexibility for e.g. future heavy duty applications is given by the modular design allowing upscaling to an overall capacity of 250Ah.


Sonnenschein Lithium LTB battery – product features

Latest Lithium – Ion technology

Sonnenschein Lithium LTB battery operated through the latest lithium-ion battery technology that meets all expectations of the modern battery – by combining high performance with “install & forget”.

Low maintenance

Sonnenschein Lithium LTB battery is maintenance-free for the entire service life, and more importantly – user friendly.

Fast recharge ability

Sonnenschein Lithium LTB battery has can be fully charged in up to 1.5 hours resulting in more uptime at your hands. With the LTB your equipment keeps on working instead of wasting time at the charging dock.

BMS included

Sonnenschein Lithium LTB battery has a deep discharge protection with an audible alarm system integrated.

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