Sonnenschein Lithium batteries are traction batteries with outstanding power, energy density, long cycle life and  fast charge capability. Sonnenschein Lithium batteries represent an ideal battery technology choice for maximum work hours, especially in multi-shift applications. Modular architecture allows the fulfillment of individual application needs.


Sonnenschein Lithium battery – product features

Sonnenschein Lithium battery top traits

  • High cycle life
  • No gas emission
  • High energy density
  • Full recharge in 1h
  • Maintenance free
  • 24/7 applications / Multi-shift

Thanks to the fast charge capability of Lithium there is no longer any need to swap batteries. This battery replacement consumes 10 to 15 minutes on average. Avoiding this down time increases your operational efficiency and reduces your costs. Furthermore the removal of the spare batteries means you can reduce your vehicle fleet, you need less chargers and battery exchange equipment does not need to be purchased or maintained. There is more space for your core business.

Latest Lithium – Ion technology

Sonnenschein Lithium battery possesses the latest lithium-ion battery technology that meets all expectations every modern battery should have.

Stable voltage profile

Sonnenschein Lithium battery has a very stable voltage even under high-discharge conditions, which ensures constant power during discharge and longer running time of trucks.

Low maintenance

None of your time or infrastructure will be needed for water refilling procedures in case of Sonnenschein Lithium battery.

“Green” battery with extremely fast recharge

Sonnenschein Lithium battery has full recharge in only 1 hour abbility and efficient opportunity charging* at any time to maximize the uptime of truck fleets. This extremely low charging factor lowers costs and reduces CO2 footprint significantly.

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