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Sonnenschein RAIL

Sonnenschein stationary batteries are the reference when it comes to valve-regulated lead acid batteries, or batteries operated by GEL technology. The dryfit® Gel technology offers a superior reliability and durability, particularly for harsh environments (elevated temperatures, frequent discharges, vibrations), making it the perfect fit for railway rolling stock applications.


Sonnenschein RAIL battery – product features

Excellent energy storage capacity

Sonnenschein RAIL battery delivers the utmost high performance – is has an excellent energy storage capacity, that provides high reliability and greater long-term energy delivery.

GEL (VRLA) and flat plate functionality

Sonnenschein RAIL battery with dryfit® Gel – VRLA technology which is non-spillable, meaning that you won’t need any water or electrolyte maintenance.

Extended service life

Sonnenschein RAIL battery has an outstanding standby and cycling behavior, allowing it have a longer lifespan and greater durability.


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