Sprinter XP batteries are powered by AGM VRLA technology and recognized for their incredibly high power density and impressive reliability for very short up to long backup times. The Sprinter XP-FT telecom battery comes with practical front terminal access which greatly facilitates installation and maintenance. The proven Sprinter XP technology confirms GNB´s extensive experience and worldwide leadership in VRLA technology.


Sprinter XP-FT – product features

Enhanced power density

Sprinter XP-FT battery possesses enhanced power density compared to standard front terminal batteries for a small footprint.

Faster installation

Sprinter XP-FT battery has an easy access for faster installation and maintenance thanks to front terminal design with handles.

Low energy consumption

Sprinter XP-FT battery is a valve regulated lead-acid battery with a feature of low energy consumption.

Adapted design

Design of Sprinter XP-FT battery is optimised for high current discharges.

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