TENSOR xGEL (TCSV) is a Tensor battery that combines and multiplies the benefits of Sonnenschein Gel and TENSOR, operating through GEL technology.TENSOR xGEL is  fulfilling customer needs for a high-performance and maintenance-free traction battery.


TENSOR xGEL battery – product features

TENSOR xGEL top traits

  • Full recharge in 8 hours by using the X-Profile
  • Higher performance and advanced cell design
  • Longer run time thanks to increased energy content

Operated through GEL technology

TENSOR xGEL is a unique battery with enhanced positive tubular plate and negative plate based on CSM (copper expanded metal) technology.

No watering required

TENSOR xGEL battery is maintenance-free thanks to dryfit GEL technology, which means means no watering is required.

Enabled for cold storage

TENSOR xGEL battery performs incredibly in cold store environments, showcasing outstanding run time.

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