TENSOR battery (TCSM) is the next generation of lead-acid battery, and also a form of Flooded battery. Tensor battery was designed specially to reduce total cost of ownership, combining exceptional performance, capacity and energy efficiency. The battery draws on GNB’s decades of experience with high-performance batteries for the most challenging applications.


TENSOR battery – product features

TENSOR battery applications

  • Submarines
  • Narrow aisle/High-rack facilities
  • Accessories/ Additional consumers
  • Cold storage/Outdoor applications
  • Seasonal business/Activity packs
  • Heavy duty applications
  • 24/7 applications

Fast recharge ability

Every TENSOR battery can be fully recharged from 80% depth of discharge in just 4 hours thanks to the sophisticated Z-profile, which is what enables frequent fast-opportunity charging.

High power and energy density

TENSOR battery possesses maximum power and energy density due to low internal resistance and optimal utilization of active mass for all demanding applications.

Extended service life

As TENSOR batteries have a significantly lower operating temperature, this has a positive effect on their overall operational life, enabling them to last longer.

Enabled for cold storage

Even though all batteries in cold environments typically suffer from lower performance and capacity, TENSOR batteries are an exception. TENSOR batteries can not only withstand the cold, but also remain powerful in low temperature areas, greatly outperforming standard batteries.

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