Based on the 2100 HP traction battery charger range with all the features and options offered, GNB has developed a unique weatherproof charger for outside applications such as airports or other – where the chargers are operated under harsh weather conditions. The GNB Weatherproof charger is climate controlled, an unique feature which is essential for safe, high-performance charging.


2100 Weatherproof charger – product features

Designed to withstand the elements

2100 Weatherproof charger is specifically designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

Temperature and humidity control

The 2100 Weatherproof charger has climate control for a smoother performance.

Simple mounting

The 2100 Weatherproof charger possesses sun shield and integral base fixing in order to provide simple and secure mounting.

All control option available

2100 Weatherproof charger has all control options available – 2100.NET, safety disconnect, temperature probe, air agitation, timer, etc., which makes it quite user friendly.

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