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What is GEL Technology?

GEL VRLA battery technology, instead of being in liquid form, the electrolyte is thickened into a gel-like mass. The GEL VRLA battery is a highly robust energy-system with best-in-class deep cycle properties, allowing unmatched safe depth of discharge. The special design of pressure relief valves results in a fully sealed battery that can be safely stored and used in almost any location or environment, even transported by air. Crucially, GEL VRLA technology also has the smallest volume and weight ratio for the amount of Watt hours supplied. As an energy supply battery, GEL technology is the ultimate choice for many demanding applications including boats, motorhomes and caravans. GEL batteries are also essential in the latest commercial vehicles with dual battery systems, or indeed in any vehicle with extensive electric power needs. The benefits of GEL VRLA technology makes it popular in construction, mining, agriculture and industry.  GEL battery technology is also used to provide remote power, everywhere from local highways to the Arctic Circle. Exide is currently working on achieving higher performance levels through the introduction of carbon additives, re-designed negative electrodes and new grids to produce faster charging times and improved cycling performance, making GEL an even more effective supply battery.

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Moldovanović range includes GEL VRLA battery range that operates through this particular technology. Take a look at our range, find and choose batteries that fit your requirements.
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